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5 Facebook Groups That Are Very Useful for Autistic People

I was diagnosed with autism and ADHD about a year and a half ago. Over that time, during exploring my condition, I found some very useful groups on Facebook. Some of them are my go-to when I need advice, support, or just to vent a bit.

Not every neurodivergent Facebook group I found is friendly – some of those I found are pretty toxic. I unfollowed quite a few. But those five are places where you can explore and interact without fear of judgment and feel safe. 

1. Autism Late Diagnosis/Self-Identification Support and Education

This group is for people who were diagnosed in adulthood and want to explore a new understanding of themselves. You can ask questions here, vent about your troubles and generally hang out with people who understand you. The atmosphere of the group is friendly and welcoming. Because I was diagnosed in my thirties, this is my go-to group for all things autistic

You can join the group here: 

2. Day To Day Tasks Explained Step By Step

I love this group! This is not a group specifically for neurodivergent people, but I believe that many autistic people will find it extremely helpful like I do. You can ask anything that you have always been ashamed to ask because it seems that everyone should just “get it”, and other members will give you step-by-step explanations, without any judgment. You can explore here things like housekeeping, personal hygiene, work, or even navigating social situations. The range of topics is endless.  It’s a fantastic resource for autistic people like me! I’m so grateful to the person who created it. 

You can join the group here: 

3. Neurodivergent Cleaning Crew

This group helps me with everything related to keeping house, cleaning, and organizing my stuff. You can ask for advice, get support and read tips from others. You will find no judgment here, everyone has their own struggles and understands how difficult is to keep your home in a good state. 

You can join the group here: 

4. Neurodivergent Cooking Crew

This is a group that will help you with everything food-related. You can find easy-to-cook recipes, and ask for suggestions for low-spoon meals or for any other type of meal. People often ask here for tips for food that fits their specific limitations, cheap and filling food, or food that can be made from the ingredients they have at hand. You will find here a lot of tips and inspiration for quick, easily prepared, and healthy meals.

You can join the group here:

5. Neurodivergent, But Make It Community

This is a group for people who want to find and explore relationships. You can socialize here with other people like you. You can find advice about finding and being part of a community. You can explore here making friends, ask for advice about social situations, and much more.

There are many thematic groups like this one on Facebook. Search for “Neurodivergent, but make it” and it will show you many other groups on various topics! For example, Neurodivergent, but make it food, Neurodivergent, but make it fashion, Neurodivergent, but make it plants. Neurodivergent, but make it home… Whatever you manage to think of.

You can join the group here: 

I hope these groups help you as much as they helped me!

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