Creating Joy From Pain – My Story

I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant in Tenerife, smiling into the camera, wearing a black hat that I stole from my boyfriend. I'm a white woman with long brown hair and blue glasses.

Hi, lovely humans!

When the worst thing of my life happened, I decided to spread happiness.

My name is Hela (it really is Helena, but nobody calls me that).

I live in Prague, the beautiful city in the heart of Europe. I love animals and nature, and taking long walks is my way of relaxation. I’m a big bookworm and will read anything that won’t run away. I love writing and drawing. I would like to think about myself as a joyful person who tries to think positively all the time. I also have a host of mental health problems, some of which have been with me for my entire life, and some of which came later along the way.

Five years ago, I had a major breakdown, which still affects me to this day.

Two months ago, after ten years together, the love of my life broke up with me and my world shattered.

And a few weeks ago, I decided to spread more positivity into the world.

I started this blog – Create Small Joys – and began documenting the various small joys I have encountered in my journey through life. I also did it for myself to assure myself that I still have many things to live for.

And then an idea emerged. What if I create a membership, where I can actually send out a bit of joy to everyone? I was so excited and quickly became completely consumed by this. I started to brainstorm, plan and create.

My best friend offered to find me a good book about breakups on Amazon, and when he was sending me a link, he mentioned that he have seen a breakup coloring book, where you color in phrases like “F*ck you”. He said that he was certain I don’t want that – and I didn’t, but I started thinking, what if I do something similar, but positive?

I went through the things that helped me in therapy – journaling and affirmations – and combined them with my ability to create beautiful doodles that I turned into coloring pages.

The result? Create Small Joys membership will open its gates later this year! I want to make sure first that I have enough content for a year so that if something happens, I will still be able to fulfill what I promised.

If you want to try it out for free, simply enter your email address here and you will be the first to know when it goes live! You will be able to get a free trial month and if you are quick enough, a discount that applies to the entire time you are subscribed!

See you there!