About Me – Creating Joy From Pain

I'm sitting at a table in a restaurant in Tenerife, smiling into the camera, wearing a black hat that I stole from my boyfriend. I'm a white woman with long brown hair and blue glasses.

Who am I? I’m human. I’m not just my mental illnesses, even if they formed my life in many ways and present me with a lot of obstacles to overcome and opportunities to grow. I’m not my autism or ADHD, even though they form my brain. I’m not my talent and successes. I’m even not the sum of my life experiences. 

This is what I feel I am, deep inside:

I’m part of an eternal flame that makes up the entire universe, that some call Love, some call Light and some call God. As you are. As everybody and everything is.

I’m someone who is able to feel deep joy about small things. 

I’m someone who falls into a creative trance through writing or drawing, someone who MUST create, no matter how imperfectly. 

I’m someone who didn’t forget how to be a child.

I’m someone who loves animals and plants dearly. 

I’m someone who wishes everyone well.

And here, on this blog, I’m a thinker and a writer. 

Pleased to meet you.  🧡