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Learn how to find joy in everything!

The world is going crazy. But YOU don’t have to!

Learn how to maintain a positive mindset that will help you overcome the anxiety and overwhelm of daily life.

Make new friends that will uplift you on the journey towards joy.

Relax over coloring pages that will tell you how awesome you are – so you can remember it and make it a habit to think about yourself with love.

You too can create small joys in your life. You will find more happiness, more resilience, and relief from anxiety through the power of small joys.

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What do people say about Small Joys

Find what you have been missing!

Have you ever wanted to be part of a playful, joyful community, brimming with ideas and inspiration about how to create an amazing life full of joy? Welcome to the family.

You will be participating in small, fun activities that will help you to relate to the world in more positive ways. Every day will be a step towards a happier you!

With the membership you will get:

  • You become a part of an emerging community of kind, positive and creative people like you that encourage each other on their way to happiness
  • A monthly Package of Positivity that contains:
  • Printable coloring pages with a positive affirmation
  • A short text about the meaning of the affirmation
  • Printable coloring pages for Journal of Joy and Success
  • And also:
  • The first trial month for free
  • An early bird discount if you become a member in the first month
  • Whatever else I manage to think of 🙂

By signing up for the waitlist right now you are not committing to paying anything. You will simply get an email when the membership goes live. It’s handy if you want to catch that early bird discount! 😉

How does the membership help?

We are building a kind, encouraging community – a community of people that want to work together on their joyful mindset. Learn to see the world through the eyes of a child again and see that it’s full of wonders! Release your playfulness! You will have the unique opportunity to start building this amazing community together.

With The Package Of Positivity, you will have regular reminders to work on your joyful mindset. When you buy a coloring book, you will probably put it somewhere to color later – and that “later” may never come. With Create Small Joys, you will get a bite-sized, manageable piece of small joys in your inbox to work on every month – and every one of that emails is a reminder to color that affirmation, to work on your Journal of Joy. You can also show off your colored pages in the Facebook group and inspire others!

The affirmations work. I had people test them and even if they didn’t initially believe that it will be different from regular coloring pages, they reported they really felt the effect of the affirmation on their minds when they were coloring them! (It’s the same for me when I create them, so I know it first-hand.) This prolonged and active interaction with the affirmation really boosts its effect on your thoughts.

In the Facebook group, you will also find questions, prompts, inspiration, and monthly joyful challenges. It is a safe space where you can share joy and grow together. Get inspired. Make friends for a lifetime.

My Story: Creating joy from pain

Hi, lovely humans!

When the worst thing of my life happened, I decided to spread happiness.

My name is Hela (it really is Helena, but nobody calls me that).

I live in Prague, a beautiful city in the heart of Europe. I love animals and nature, and taking long walks is my way of relaxing. I’m a big bookworm and will read anything that won’t run away. I love writing and drawing. I would like to think of myself as a joyful person who tries to think positively all the time. I also have a host of mental health problems, some of which have been with me for my entire life, and some of which came later along the way.

Five years ago, I had a major breakdown, which still affects me to this day.

Two months ago, after almost eleven years together, the love of my life broke up with me and my world shattered.

And a few weeks ago, I decided to spread more positivity into the world.

I started a blog called Create Small Joys and began documenting the various small joys I have encountered in my journey through life. I also did it for myself to assure myself that I still have many things to live for.

All the small joys I have learned to appreciate and create over the years saved me in the most difficult time of my life. Even if I’m not fully happy right now (I’m not that enlightened yet :)), they provide me with a stable foundation that gives me something to hold on to, that keeps me together and through every new day.

And then an idea emerged. What if I create a membership, where I can actually send out a bit of joy to everyone? Where I can share what I have learned?

I went through the things that helped me in therapy – journaling and affirmations – and combined them with my ability to create beautiful doodles that I turned into coloring pages.

The result? Small Joys membership will open its gates later this year! I want to make sure first that I have enough content for a year so that if something happens, I will still be able to fulfill what I promised.

If you want to try it out for free, simply enter your email address and you will be the first to know when it goes live. You will be able to get a free trial month and if you are quick enough, also an early-bird discount!

See you there!


Warning: by signing up for this membership, you may begin a new, happier life!

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