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My small joys

All the Small Joys of the Life

Dear reader, 

when I was younger, I didn’t believe in little joys.

In college, I read The Artist’s Way, and there was a chapter about how little joys can help you through difficult times. I didn’t know what to make of it. “When I feel good, I feel GOOD, and when I feel bad, I feel BAD. That’s it”, I thought. My thinking was very black and white back then. 

This has begun to change when my therapist gave me four questions to answer every evening. 

“What made me happy today? 

What have I accomplished today? 

What have I learned today? 

Who have I helped today?” 

It could be anything – nothing was too small. I have been answering these questions for more than a year and it completely changed my thinking. 

Since then, looking for small joys helped me through many dark times. 

With my boyfriend, we created a ritual for each evening. Before we said goodnight, we told each other three little joys that we experienced during the day. We were doing this for many, many years. 

And then we broke up. I started to write my little joys on Facebook to help me through the pain, to remind me the world still has things to make me happy. 

And there were more and more of them, and finally, I wanted to write them not only for my friends, but for everyone. This is how this blog was created. 

I hope it can make you smile and inspire you to find and create your own small joys.

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